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Sinai RusinekEditor

Sinai Rusinek has been editor of Contributions since 2010 (first as co-editor with Margrit Pernau, then as editor in chief until 2015), and is member of the board of the Concepta International Research School for the History of Concepts.

Sinai received her PhD in Philosophy from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her dissertation, titled "Criticus, Kritikos: History of the Concepts of the Critic and Criticism to 1600," dealt with the way these concepts functioned in various contexts and discourses from antiquity to Early Modernity, and with how they changed and were formed through these uses.  In 2010-2015 she was post-doctoral fellow of the Polosnky Academy at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute where she engaged in the history of the early modern concept of envy, as well as with the history of paratext and the use of computational methods for the study of the history of paratextuality. She is recently active in the field of Digital Humanities, involved in various projects and initiatives. She is also the founder of  “Ruach Digitalit” (Digital Humanities Israel). 


Jani Marjanen, Editor

Jani Marjanen received his PhD from the University of Helsinki in 2013 with a dissertation on the language of economic patriotism in  eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Sweden and Finland. He currently  works on the reception of political concepts in nineteenth-century Finland, in particular regarding debates of nationhood, constitution  and political isms. His theoretical interests focus on the reception  and appropriation of concepts as well as the use of large scale  digital text sets to quantify trends in the use of concepts. In  2014–2015 he was a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute for  Human Development in Berlin, and has since then had an interest in the  history of emotions.

For a list of publications, see the publication database of the  
University of Helsinki

Ilana Brown, Managing Editor

With a Master’s Degree in History with a concentration in Archival Administration and Records Management as well as a diverse career path that included many years in fundraising and donor relations, Ilana has returned to the academic realm as a professional copy editor.  Her long-time hobby of massage became part of her career path after intense study in Thailand.  In short, she massages words and people.

For Contributions, Ilana makes sure that the publishing process moves forward as smoothly as possible and also has the pleasure of language editing the articles.


Rieke TrimçevBook Reviews Editor

Rieke Trimҫev is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Augsburg and teaches Political Theory and the History of Political Ideas at the University of Greifswald. Her doctoral thesis traces the history of the metaphors of play, game and theatre in 20th century political thought, with a particular focus on their impacts on theorizing political order and representation.

In an interdisciplinary research group she is furthermore working on the concept of Europe in contemporary memory discourse from a cross-national comparative perspective.

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