Author/Editor Titlesort descending Publication Date Language Type Download .ris citation file
DeWiel A Conceptual History of Civil Society: From Greek Beginnings to the End of Marx Past Imperfect 2008 English journalArticle
Den Boer Adriaan Koerbagh and the comparative history of concepts - The past and the future. Introduction of the fifth Conference of the History of Concepts Group History of Concepts Newsletter 2003 English journalArticle
Lorenz and Bevernage Breaking up Time: Negotiating the Borders between Present, Past and Future 2013 English book
Prudovsky Can we Ascribe to Past Thinkers Concepts They had no Linguistic Means to Express? History and Theory 1997 English journalArticle
Leyser Concepts Of Europe In The Early And High Middle Ages Past & Present 1992 English journalArticle
Chase From Millennium To Anniversary: The Concept Of Jubilee In Late Eighteenth- And Nineteenth-Century England Past & Present 1990 English journalArticle
Pagden From Noble Savages to Savage Nobles: the Criollo Uses of the Amerindian past Spanish Imperialism and the Political Imagination. Studies in European and Spanish-American Social and Political Theiry 1513-1830 1990 English bookSection
Eshel Futurity: Contemporary Literature and the Quest for the Past 2012 English book
Kopecek Human Rights Facing a National Past Geschichte und Gesellschaft 2012 English journalArticle
Morrison and Hedeman Imagining the Past in France: History in Manuscript Painting, 1250-1500 2010 English book
Tuija Parvikko Memory, History, and The Holocaust Notes on the Problem of Representation of the Past Redescriptions Yearbook of Political Thought and Conceptual History 2004 English journalArticle
Miller Nazis and Neo-Stoics: Otto Brunner and Gerhard Oestreich Before and after the Second World War Past & present 2002 English journalArticle
Jurist Recognizing the Past History and Theory 1992 English journalArticle
Jussi Kurunmäki Redescribing the Political Past National Rhetoric in the Swedish Debate Concerning the Parliamentary Reform of 1866 Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought 2003 English journalArticle
Lida Maxwell Review of: Tuija Parvikko/ Arendt, Eichmann And The Politics Of The Past Redescriptions: Yearbook of Political Thought, Conceptual History and Feminist Theory 2009 English journalArticle
Luukkanen Savages and Barbarians? An Example of Creating a Respectable Past for Finnish-Speaking Finns in the 19th Century Finnish Yearbook of Political Thought 2003 English journalArticle
Gustafsson Seeing the Facts and Saying What You Like: Retroactive Redescription and Indeterminacy in the Past Journal of the Philosophy of History 2010 English journalArticle
Schiffman The Birth of the Past 2011 English book
James The Concept Of Order And The Northern Rising 1569 Past & Present 1973 English journalArticle
Tadmor The Concept Of The Household-Family In Eighteenth-Century England Past & Present 1996 English journalArticle
Gray The relevance of ‘liberty’ in the encyclopedie — Past and present editions History of European Ideas 1985 English journalArticle
Cazares The Unknown History of Thinking Historically: A Review of Zachary Sayre Schiffman, The Birth of the Past Contributions to the History of Concepts 2013 English journalArticle
Sebastian Toleration and Freedom of Expression in the Hispanic World Between Enlightenment and Liberalism Past & Present 2011 English journalArticle

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