The Purpose of Conceptual History

In two recent posts on his German blog “Rotsinn” ("Was will die Begriffsgeschichte noch erreichen? Eine Kritik" and "Was die Begriffsgeschichte noch erreichen will – ein Nachtrag") Burkhard Conrad discusses the purpose and direction of current research in conceptual history. We are publishing Conrad’s posts here again together with an English summary he provided for our website. We invite your comments here below!
“I certainly admire current conceptual history for the breadth of its research and the increasing dynamic of its institutionalisation as an academic discipline (conferences, summer schools, journals etc.). Its growing specialization results in more research that extends to more languages, more historical epochs and more social settings. This is great. However, I sometimes miss a debate, which

Update from the Koselleck archival project in Marbach

The new year brings good news already: the work on the papers of Reinhart Koselleck here at Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach has been completed! The descriptive data are now published in our online catalog Kallias, where you can search for specific items [http://www.dla-marbach.de/?id=51891]. Materials can be ordered in the manuscript readingroom , they will be accessible there by the provisions of our usage-rules, with only a few documents remain not available in the future.