Update from the Koselleck archival project in Marbach

The new year brings good news already: the work on the papers of Reinhart Koselleck here at Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach has been completed! The descriptive data are now published in our online catalog Kallias, where you can search for specific items [http://www.dla-marbach.de/?id=51891]. Materials can be ordered in the manuscript readingroom , they will be accessible there by the provisions of our usage-rules, with only a few documents remain not available in the future.

Concepta Research Seminar: Historical argumentation (Geneva, December 5-6, 2013)

5-6 December 2013, University of Geneva (Switzerland).

Politics of Memory, Uses and Abuses of History, Instrumentalization of the Past: these are some of the numerous ways of designating a fascinating phenomenon, namely the use of elements of the past in political discourses and for political purposes. From time immemorial, political actors have tried to influence their fellow citizens by evoking past role models, examples as well as counter-examples. This was, in fact, the most important justification of historical studies per se and it persisted beyond and despite their becoming a true academic discipline during the 19th century.

The 16th International Conference on the History of Concepts opens tomorrow!


For conceptual pinxtos from the 16th International Conference on the History of Concepts, opening tomorrow: