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"Generations come into the possession of words and ideas as they come into the possession of public buildings. They call them 'their own' and no longer remember who built them and for what purpose. Sometimes those buildings are put to new uses and their public function is altered. The fate of ideas and words often tells a similar story...

Conceptual history for the 21st century: Nicholas John on Sharing

Conceptual history for the 21st century: Nicholas John on Sharing


"The Oxford English Dictionary teaches us that in the sixteenth century, the verb ‘to share’ meant ‘to cut into parts’ or ‘to divide’. A plowshare, therefore, which is the cutting edge of the plow, is so called because it ‘shares’, or splits, the earth. Likewise, when a child shares their chocolate bar they divide it: they break it up into shares, or parts. In this sense, the act of sharing is one of distribution and it is an active practice. Importantly, it is also a zero-sum game − when I give you some of my candy, I am left with less. "

The Henrik Stenius Lectures

Thursday, May 30, 2013 starting 14:30

University of Helsinki, Siltavuorenpenger 3 A, auditorium 107

The Finnish historian Henrik Stenius, founding member of the History of Concepts Group and chair of Concepta, founder and research director of Helsinki's Centre for Nordic Studies (CENS), is retiring this summer. The Centre for Nordic Studies is happy to invite you to a seminar in which we will, once and for all, solve the questions that Heku has been dealing with throughout his remarkable career as a researcher and a research director.