Nation and Nationality

This book shows the proper uniqueness of Korean conceptual studies on nation and nationalism, which should be different from the western conceptual history on them because its conceptual history has lasted for only a century. In twentieth-century Korean history, nation and nationalism was the dynamic force behind a number of historical movements: the Korean independence movement, nation-state building, economic revival, and the pursuit of unification. Entering the twenty-first century, Korean society is currently undergoing various social changes; domestically, transformation into a multiracial nation, and a widening of the gap between classes; internationally, rapid globalization and conflict between North and South Korea. While the conflict over the Chenan naval vessel case strained North-South relations significantly, we also witnessed the joint announcement by Korean and Japanese intellectuals, who declared that the coercive Japanese annexation of Korea was improper, and the apology by the Japanese foreign minister for the colonial rule. Much attention is being paid to the issue of new prospects for the nation and nationalism in the future.

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