NOW Online: Contributions to the History of Concepts 9.1

We're pleased to present the Table of Contents for Issue 9.1, Spring 2014


Gresham’s Law, Conceptual Semantics, and Semiotics of Authoritarianism: Do “Bad” Concepts Drive Out “Good” Ones?

Kirill Postoutenko


The Politics of Time: Zeitgeist in Early Nineteenth-Century Political Discourse

Theo Jung


Concept in Focus: Citizenship in Europe after World War II

Guest Editors: Claudia Wiesner and Anna Björk


Introduction: Citizenship in Europe after World War II—the Challenges of Migration and European Integration

Claudia Wiesner and Anna Björk


Rights of Noncitizens: Asylum as an Individual Right in the 1949 West German Grundgesetz

Hanna-Mari Kivistö


Accessing Citizenship: The Conceptual and Political Changes of the German Naturalization Policy, 1999–2006

Anna Björk


The Europeanization of Citizenship: Conceptual Innovations, Legal Changes, and Development of New Institutional Practices

Claudia Wiesner


Union Citizenship Representing Conceptual (Dis)continuities in EU Documents on Citizenship and Culture

Katja Mäkinen



Approaching Ideas Globally

A Review of Samuel Moyn and Andrew Sartori, eds., Global Intellectual History

Gregory Smulewicz-Zucker


The Carl Schmitt Kaleidoscope

A Review of Stefan Breuer, Carl Schmitt im Kontext: Intellektuellenpolitik in der Weimarer Republik [Carl Schmitt in context: The politics of intellectuals in the Weimar Republic]

Timo Pankokoski


The Politicization of the World

A Review of Olaf Bach, Die Erfindung der Globalisierung: Entstehung und Wandel eines zeitgeschichtlichen Grundbegriffs [The invention of globalization: Emergence and transformation of a contemporary basic concept]  

Burkhard Conrad


Democracy or Democracies?

A Review of Anna Friberg, Demokrati bortom politiken: En begreppshistorisk analys av demokratibegreppet inom Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti 1919–1939 [Democracy beyond politics: An analysis of the concept of democracy within the Swedish Social Democratic Party 1919–1939]

Henrik Björck


Revisiting Romanian History through Concepts

A Review of Victor Neumann and Armin Heinen, eds., Key Concepts of Romanian History: Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages

Bogdan C. Iacob

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