Reinhart Koselleck in Timisoara

We are pleased to present Victor Neumann's personal reminiscences of his encounters with Reinhart Koselleck and how the Koselleck Library found its home in Timisoara.


Neumann and Koselleck


I first met Reinhart Koselleck in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. It was in November 2002, when the French foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Société and the circles of social-political studies around Professor Ivaylo Znepolski organized a debate about the historian’s work. The gathering was part of a series of academic meetings where former guests were well-known names such as Francois Furet, Paul Ricoeur and Jaques Derrida. The participants of the debate dedicated to Reinhart Koselleck were, among others, Heinz-Dieter Kittsteiner, Heinz Wismann, Maurice Aymard, Alexandre Escudier, Alban Bensa, Jean-Marc Tetaz, Christo Todorov, Helge Jordheim, Alexander Kiossev, Roumen Daskalov etc.


To read more and to see a few pictures of the library in Timisoara, please see the PDF.


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