Next week: History of Concepts in San Francisco!

A workshop on German conceptual history

with particular focus on the works of Reinhart Koselleck.

Co-sponsored by Der Kreis/German History Working Group, Department of History,
Department of Rhetoric, and Department of German at UC Berkeley

Wednesday, March 18th // 4 to 6pm // 201 Moses Hall
For readings and registration please contact
Sheer Ganor ( // Elena Kempf (

Christian Geulen is Professor of Modern History at Koblenz University. Publications include Wahlverwandte. Rassendiskurs und Nationalismus im späten 19. Jahrhundert (2004) and Geschichte des Rassismus (2007). He is currently preparing a short book on the writing of twentieth-century conceptual history.

Niklas Olsen is Assistant Professor at the Center for Modern European Studies, University of Copenhagen. Publications include History in the Plural. An Introduction to the Work of Reinhart Koselleck (2012). Currently, he is working on a conceptual history of neoliberalism
in Scandinavia and Western Europe since 1945.

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