Contributions to the History of Concepts 10.2 (Winter 2015)

CHOC 10(2), Winter 2015


Special Section: Medieval Concepts

Historical Semantics in Medieval Studies: New Means and Approaches

Bernhard Jussen and Gregor Rohmann


Talking About christianitas at the Time of Innocent III (1198–1216): What Does Word Use Contribute to the History of Concepts?

Tim Geelhaar


The Way a Language Changes: How Historical Semantics Helps Us to Understand the Emergence of the English Exchequer

Ulla Kypta


Dancing on the Threshold: A Cultural Concept for Conditions of Being Far from Salvation

Gregor Rohmann


Virtus as a Political Concept in the Middle Ages

Silke Schwandt


Combining Intellectual History and the History of the Book: A Case Study on the Concept of Folk in Popular Literature in the Nineteenth Century

Lone Kølle Martinsen



Polyphonic Concepts of Solidarity

A Review Essay on New Approaches Toward a Conceptual History of the Polish Opposition to Socialism

Gregor Feindt


Birth Pangs for a Welcomed Child

A Review of Hagen Schulz-Forberg, ed., A Global Conceptual History of Asia, 1860–1940

Ralph Weber

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