Civility, Virtue and Emotions in Europe and Asia: History of Concepts as Entangled History from the 18th century to the First World War

This project aims at investigating the concept of civility in four European and nine Asian regions. This permits to focus on exchange processes both within Europe and between European metropoles and their colonies and spheres of influence, as well as between the different Asian regions. These exchange processes take place both at a linguistic level (hence asking for history of concepts and translation studies joining forces) and at the level of practices and institutions (education, law, science…).

Civility and its related concepts in most of the languages involves a specific way of virtuously managing emotions; the ascription of certain emotions in turn is central both to the definition of an individuals place within a society and of a society’s place in history and in the globalised world.

The project brings together a network of scholars from three continents, who conduct their research at their home institutions, coming together for four conferences in the time of two years (starting in October 2011). These conferences aim not only at a discussion of individual papers, but also at drawing out the multiple influences and entanglements between the regions. The final product shall consist of a co-authored volume.


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