The main objective of the Ibero-American Conceptual History Project, better known as IBERCONCEPTOS, is to study in a systematic and long-term manner, and from a comparative perspective, the most important concepts, languages, vocabularies, discourses and political metaphors in circulation in the Ibero-American world during recent centuries. Our work focusses in particular upon that critical phase of transition towards modernity which stretches from the latter decades of the 18th century well into the 19th century, a period which coincides, and not by chance, with the crucial phase of liberal revolutions and independence.

As well as developing our research project and publishing a book series, Iberconceptos seeks to establish a training program for researchers into conceptual history. This objective would involve the preparation in Spain, Portugal and Latin America of a team of scholars specialized in the critical analysis of politics from a historico-linguistic viewpoint.

The origins of the network of researchers working together on this major inter-university project date back to July 2004, when a small group of Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking European and Latin American academics, taking advantage of a wider meeting held in Rio de Janeiro (the VII Conference of the History of Political and Social Concepts Group-HPSCG), discussed the foundations of the project. Since then, we have made considerable progress.


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