ISTORIA CONCEPTUALĂ Limbaje social-politice româneşti


The research and the pedagogy developed according to the methods of conceptual history is a contribution to deeper history studies, to the recognition and utilization of those studies which provide a better understanding of the present society and political thinking and their development from the beginning of the modern age to the present. The conceptual history in the manner approached the University in Timisoara targets general valid theoretical aspects as well as the problematization and the rethinking of various phenomena of the Romanian history and culture in the regional and European context. The conceptual history uses results of the historical research but also those provided by linguistics, sociology, philosophy, political science and so on. Thus the conceptual history is a border field a interdisciplinary research. The goals of the debates organized by the Modern and Contemporary History Department at the West University in Timisoara, by the International Doctoral School of Conceptual History, by the Timisoara Branch of the Romanian Academy, the discussions held during the local, national and international conferences are the description, evaluation and the re-semantization of the key-concepts of the Romanian social and political language.

We hold as beneficial the integration of the western methodology and of the conceptual history in the research of Central and South-East-European humanistic studies. The effects of two totalitarian regimes are still visible in the academic milieu in the social, political and economic behavior. Therefore we consider the formulation of an alternative to the existing way of thinking is mandatory for the reformation of culture, of the university curricula and of the social and political language. The research and the pedagogy advocated at Timisoara West University are referring not only to the research of the past but mostly to the present. By assessing the negative aspects inherited from past centuries and regimes the conceptual history studies could reveal concrete intellectual improvements and support reforming projects beneficial both for the Romanian and the Central-South-Eastern European society and politics as well.

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