A Colonial and Conceptual History of Asymmetric Warfare and Security

This four year program of research in Australia's Griffith University focuses on how ideas of civilized warfare, as an activity pertaining to the subjects of sovereign states, emerged in European political and international thought c.1650-1800. Specifically, this research seeks to recover the British colonial history of asymmetric warfare in India, North America and Australia throughout this period, tracing the articulation of the difference between 'civilized' as opposed to 'uncivilized' forms of conflict. War and terrorism feature prominently in popular, political and scholarly perceptions of Australia's colonial past and its geopolitical future. Our understanding of what constitutes war and terrorism however emerged from long colonial histories of asymmetric conflict and protracted conceptual contestation in Western political and international thought. This project will draw on both of these sources and will aim to provide new perspectives on global problems of warfare, terrorism and security today.
Research Program: Dr Bruce Buchan - Australia Research Council Future Fellow 2009-2013


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