2nd Workshop: "Conceptual History of European Regions and Boundaries"

Sofia, Center of Advanced Studies, Sofia, Center of Advanced Studies , January 11-12

 Second wordkshop in a project, based on a focus-group investigation, that aims at a joint publication, on an overarching topic: how European transnational historical (meso-) regions had been, and are being, conceptualized and delimitated over time, across different disciplines and academic traditions, in different fields of activity (politics, economy, international order) and national/regional contexts. In its most ambitious scope the aim would be to reconstruct the historical itineraries of the conceptualization of regional frameworks and their frontiers in relation to political, historical, cultural usages or discursive practices: historical-cultural, geopolitical, economic, transnational-organizational, etc. This would also help rethinking the heuristics of interpretative models based on regional patterns.


Detailed description of the project agenda can be found here .

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